Slumber Party with Jasmine

Jasmine and I met up at East High Pool and went downtown for First Friday. We checked out many art galleries, got capuccino and ran into folks to say hello to. Then we came home by way of Freddie's to get baker's chocolate, almonds, eggs and splurge on lip gloss! (you gotta splurge on something when the PFD arrives). Here's Jasmine smacking those almonds into sliverines so we could make a special flour-less cake called caprese -- her family's secret recipe. (She's from milan and her parents own a bakery)

No, I'm not doing the Heimlich maneuver on myself.
My only real job was to break up the pieces of baker's chocolate, a finger workout.

She did all the work - melting the chocolate and mixing the sugar and almonds in.
Here's the cake out of the oven.
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And here it is! caprese
it's the chocolate cake with powdered sugar to match the mountains with snow on top.

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