Jan 20th - it got really warm - up to 30 degrees. Sally, Keith, Rich and I skiied out at Kincaid Park.
We stopped to find the woodpecker nearby and got someone to snap this.

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January 08 winter fun

On a Saturday I joined some friends snowshoeing by Glacier Creek from Girdwood Elementary School. We thought that the creek was frozen solid, but au contraire! Here's some negotiating about turning back.

For a moment there was blue sky, but it mostly snowed all day.

The fun part was guessing who'd fall in to the frozen creek.

Several did, so after a couple hours of fun we headed for Chair 5 in Girdwood for some food and conversation.
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Bali Trip - Christmas 2007 for Judith & Ruth (Ibu Ben and Madey Rut)

We had a fabulous trip around Bali complete with lots of people, trekking, swimming, elephant riding, eating and being out in the tropical downpour. These pictures are in no particular order, just a sample of what we saw and did. Hope you enjoy it!

Here we were riding an elephant.

Entrance to our Artini Cottage 2 in Ubud,
our base camp for our trip around Bali.

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Infamously stinky durian (also stinks the same in Thailand)
sections of jackfruit, and the red delicious rambutan (lichee).
It was fabulous to be back in Indonesia.

It does take effort to bargain for every little thing you
purchase. It's a game though and you just gotta do it.

Ruth and I saw Bali with around 10 other travellers signed
up with IntrepidTravel.com out of Australia.
We're walking the main Ubud highway here.

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Purple banana blossom and you can see the budding bananas above it.

Ganesh- all wise elephant-God of the Hindu Balinese.

Flamboyant or flame tree.

This little boy's family harvests and roasts coffee and we bought
their local produce of coffee and spices. Fun loving kiddo with
gorgeous eyes and loved playing around with Andy.

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rice fields of bali

Rice here has been in paddi and then field and cut. The locals were
smarter than we were - they waited till the rain stopped to go out.

The ducks are a vital part of pest control in Balinese rice farming.

View from a hindu temple we visited.
Around 600 people live in the village below.

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Bali Trip - Christmas December 2007

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