Rainbow to Windy hiking

A three hour hike today was a real treat given the forecast of rain for the whole Memorial Day Weekend. This is Donna Basinger, the efficient and energetic ringleader of Happy Hikers. Today's was the end of school hike, so with all the kids and noise the bears stayed away! Rainbow to Windy was the trail, very pleasant.
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mid May - summer's coming!

Ruth, Lauren and I drove through the mountain-tunnel to Whittier. This is a new way to get to the edge of Prince William Sound from Anchorage. There was a Princess Cruiseship there. We ate halibut tacos for lunch and took a walk. 5/19/07

Today I went mountain biking with some others from the Alaska Outdoors group. We rode around 10 miles around Eklutna Lake and then back. The day was magnificent. Lots of dirt, rocks, tree roots, etc. and plenty of mud to splash in. Messy but fun! 5/20/07

Here's Sara, me and another Alaska Outdoorswoman. 3 babes on bikes.

I think that's Eklutna Glacier on the left. It's the source of Anchorage's water supply. Just
another beautiful place in the Chugach Mountains that are easy to enjoy.

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Lauren's visit to Anchorage

It's absolutely wonderful to have Lauren back in town.
She got in late Saturday night. We greeted some friends Sunday evening and had crepes, fruit tart and almond cake! Food and friends make a great combination, right? But not until Lauren planted up all he containers with these Rocky Mountain Red geranium and we stuffed each container with nasturtium seeds. They're all indoors now, since it's still too cold out for annuals and seeds, but in just a few weeks it'll be gardening time outdoors.

Lauren is off next to Bozeman for the adventure of driving back to Alaska with Ruth.
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