July 22 and the nasturtium have finally bloomed.

The Chugach mountains
are in the background.

There's a better view of the Chugach from the balcony.

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Ruth and I had fun shopping at "the village"
and then came home and did a fashion show
for Nana. We're in the kitchen here showing
off our new duds. Like the look?
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the three generation of ladies on the 4th of July.
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Ruth is home -- it's real nice.

We went to see the Parade downtown Anchorage
and some hot dogs and did some serious people watching.
Very fun

Here's a close-up of Ruth.
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Pearl made it to Anchorage, tho' she's still wondering why the plane couldn't enter Canadian airspace and needed to stop in Seattle. Any guesses?

Ruth arrived from Montana yesterday, and now the condo is buzzing with the three generations of ladies. Lots of food going on here, and lots of computers clacking, conversations going and fun!

We're hoping for the sunshine to hold for the 4th. Posted by Picasa