Spring equinox almost here 08

A bit of the Chugach from Baxter Bog. I hope to take a photo every week from this same spot and somehow put them together to show the changing seasons.

Facing south - wow, this will really look different in July with leaves on the trees. Mid-March and some songbirds are returning back, even some optimistic geese. Still chilly, but at least there are no mosquitos.

here's the livingroom. it's as finished as it's ever gonna get unless I decide to paint a wall. Right now I just want to NOT do any more home improving at least until next winter.
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March outing and kitchen remodel

Today was a great day for a hike and some snowshoeing. here's the Meetup folks - we started at Prospect and went up the Wolverine Trail and towards Near Point. It got blowy and snowy after a few hours. Karen and I were on snowshoes, Rick on skis with skins. Very nice springish hike/ski conditions.
Alas, the endless kitchen remodel is done. hallelujah! here's the pot rack dripping with shiny copper. Doug and crew, Reeve and Todd, Pamela all did a great job. It will be fun to get back to some cooking again.