Cecilia at play 1/31/09

at last the Princess is ready for the ball!

Cecilia's friends came to bring her to the prom at the
Millenium: rhonda julian and michelle.


inaugural speech of President Obama

experimenting now with putting video clips in.
ignore this if it's a mess

Martin Luther King Day with AFS students 1/20/09

The AFS foreign exchange students get together for their mid-year orientation on Martin Luther King Day. Aside from discussing adjustment issues and ups and downs of life in a different culture, they learn about Martin Luther King.
Cecilia (ci-ci) reads a book about him and his ideals and dreams - a fitting introduction to the Inaguration of Barack Obama.
My blog may take a rest as I remain grounded. just call me Queen of Sciatica
*thanks for hangin in there with me.

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