Funky Bundt Cake

In Sacramento I had gotten a red teflon (squishy) bundt cake
pan in the shape of a rose - or so I thought. This is experiment
#2 with it. It's heading over to Pete's - she's just back in town
after too long away. Gotta frost and decorate it.
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February - Winter Fatigue

Seems like winter is endless. There are some colossal icicles around.
This is the back of the Alaska Club where I work out daily. Look in the
windows to see the group fitness room where we do cardio dance, pilates,
cardio-kickboxing and other forms of torture. I asked the owner if he
was gonna charge for ice climbing classes. Next day there were warning
signs around it -- it could definitely kill someone when it falls.

Dough for pita.

waiting their turnto bake.

Voila! very good stuffed with tahina and felafel & tomatoes.
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Craig and Joy Snider

And here's Craig and Joy - they'll be celebrating 25 years together in April. Joy will be recording more music in Nashville for the occasion.

Joy, Mom and me

Here's Joy's mom, me and Joy in front of their home.

California - early February

I made a trip to Sacramento (folsom to be exact) to spend a few days with Joy Snider. We figured out we had been roommates in Israel on Kibbutz Amir 34 years ago! It was a fun reunion. We did some music, church, eating out, working out at 24 hour fitness and a walk by the American River. It's almost sunset here at the photo.
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