Hatcher's Pass Snowshoe Day 4/12/08

Beautiful spring day, perfect for seeing anchorage from the rear-view mirror. Headed to Hatcher Pass with Richard and Marti. We saw some high marking tracks and set the goal of making it higher. Getting up wasn't bad, but we had some fun negotiating the steep downhill. Sliding and snowshoeing mostly. Perfect weather, clear views. Fun had by all. Here we are ready to head out.

Richard and Marti

Thank GOD winter is over. Sunshine, bring it on!!

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here we are all sweaty and worn out and back on the multi-use autobahn.


bear Valley Spring Hike in 15" of fresh snow

April 10th and tons of fresh powder at the trailhead high up in Bear Valley
above Stork Park. Couldn't have done it without snowshoes and poles.
Beautiful blue skies and views of Ptarmigan and North Suicide Peak.
And all after a day's work. Sun is setting around 9 p.m. now.

Here are we are - junie moon and I - big splurgers, yah righ!

This is the Toshi fan club, not such great views but we had fun &couldn't find room at the Tap Root Cafe afterwards.
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View from the backyard bog

I forgot to take pictures during the Balinese housewarming party, my
bad. Weather got warmer in late March and then a spring snow shower
brought us a clean, white look again around April 5th. Here's the view
this month from the bog.

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