Memorial Day weekend 08

Ellen hosted us at her house in Crofton. Thank you Ellen! for putting us up and putting up with us all.
Who looks more relaxed here? Carl or the dog?

Natalie, me, Elaine, Ellen, Hannah - welcome back!

Beth at the helm of Gurday's 42' sloop

I had my turn at the helm. magnificent boat and perfect sailing weather.
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dunes at Kincaid Park

This is June and I hiking from Jodphur Loop at Kincaid Park out to the sand dunes.
Posted by Picasaand here is Mt. Susitna (Sleeping Lady) - a beautiful mountain to look at from any angle.


Elkutna bike ride 5/17/08

I hope all my photos aren't starting to look alike. But after this long winter that's just fading, it was great to get out and see GREEN today.This is me and one of the five folks on the ride. Kathy and I both happen to be in the mt bike club Alaska Dirt Divas. We do love to splash in the mud.

Here's the rest of the motley crew we pedaled with - let's see...Melanie, Merlin, Mark