Fair Angel Lakes/Hatcher Pass

If you turn onto Archangel Road before Hatcher's pass and pass the trailhead
to Reed Lakes, eventually you'll come to the end of the road, unless you decide
you or car can't make it. Off to the left is a trail through thick bushes and down
into a valley. The hike offers boulder fields, good dry trails, some mushy wet
trails and lots of mining trash left around - rusted out metal, weathered wood.

Here's Fair Angel lower lake where we had lunch and Sawyer's bug
dope for dessert.

Priscilla and I were glad to find the upper lake.

Beatiful valley, good weather, fun company. Nothing's better on an
Alaskan summer's day.
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mud mud beautiful mud, nothing so lovely for soothing the blood

okay, this is Melissa, my neighbor and buddy.
We biked around Campbell Creek Trails, up to Service,
down to Rover's Run through some mud and she's
singing her grandmother's song about mud. Very fun.
Great weather, good trails, wonderful company!

How does that go? You can tell a happy bicyclist by
the bugs in her teeth? Anyway, Walter took these shots before
we hosed ourselves and bikes off.
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Cousin Paula (used to be Stone) and Seth came into Anchorage after a 10 day
float trip down the Kongicut River in the Brooks Range. We had a fine day together
walking on the coastal trail and catching up. They got to sample our fresh salmon
at Arctic Roadrunner AND the Bear Tooth before heading back east. Thanks for
sharing the photo Paula. Best wishes on your writing and inventions you two. 7/16/07
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