Greg and Tammy (Jackson) Heimbuck met me in Denver for dinner
tonight. What a treat to see Tammy. It's been almost 5 years since
she left Anchorage. They're a great couple enjoying Colorado Springs.

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It was great to have a reunion with Jack Cahn, first cousin that I haven't
seen for at least 20 years. Ellie and I had lunch out with him and Barbara
and then relaxed in a coffee shop over lattes and conversation, as comfy
as cats in the sunshine. I'm grateful to have had the chance to reconnect!

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Here's a fuller body shot of us both. Not bad for pushing the mid 50's eh?
Comment if you like it! (Boulder Creek behind us). I head to Denver later

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Boulder Sept 16, 2006

Ellie Halpern and I hikin around Boulder. We've known each
other since our Milton days and will be celebrating her birthday
tomorrow. It's early fall here in central Colorado.

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at Rich and Jenny's in Charlotte

David and I had fun visiting Abby, Richie and Jenny.
Here's Rich crooning about the south.

David was introduced to real finger lickin' good southern food
at the Chicken Box: fried okra, hush puppies, fried chicken, collard
and turnip greens, mac n'cheese, sweetened ice tea. He is incredulous!

Here's David and Rich just before we hit the road back to DC on Sunday 9/3.

Richie and Jenny, still young and in love.
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the road trip to Johnson City TENN

David flew in to DC and the next day we drove our rental car out of
Union Station for a road trip to Johnson City, TENN, where I lived
in the early 80's. Below is my former "cottage," which someone
bought and greatly improved. New roof, new siding, carport, the
works. The town and countryside is every bit as lush and beautiful
as I remembered.

We shared the driving in a red Chevy Cobalt. Dave, the burgervore.

This is by Wautaga Lake in some of the first sunny
minutes of the trip thus far. Yippeee!! sunshine to
drive to Charlotte in. Too bad for the slow traffic and
holdups in Boone.

I had missed the beauty of Appalachia. Seeing corn grow,
horses, cattle, kudzu - it was fun to see again.

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Lesley Navin and I always get to try out a DC restaurant. This was
at Teaism, a good pan asian place. We powered walked thru' the
National Gallery of Art first. I hope the new house and all related adjustments go great for you and Dave.

Lainy, Ellen and I spent a day and night together in Crawford. What did we do for entertainment? Ate, watched movies and slept and yacked our heads off. It was great to be together, for sure.

I got to the Hyatt Capitol Hill on Aug 27th and somehow got involved in an Ethiopian wedding party by the Capitol. The bride & groom are on the left. The groom's oldest brother came from Adis for the wedding. Best wishes!

Aunt Selma and I had dinner at her place in Chevy Chase. 'Also got to see Paula for a visit. They're all well. Selma, I have great confidence you'll have a publisher for your new book on modern art.

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