Lesley Navin and I always get to try out a DC restaurant. This was
at Teaism, a good pan asian place. We powered walked thru' the
National Gallery of Art first. I hope the new house and all related adjustments go great for you and Dave.

Lainy, Ellen and I spent a day and night together in Crawford. What did we do for entertainment? Ate, watched movies and slept and yacked our heads off. It was great to be together, for sure.

I got to the Hyatt Capitol Hill on Aug 27th and somehow got involved in an Ethiopian wedding party by the Capitol. The bride & groom are on the left. The groom's oldest brother came from Adis for the wedding. Best wishes!

Aunt Selma and I had dinner at her place in Chevy Chase. 'Also got to see Paula for a visit. They're all well. Selma, I have great confidence you'll have a publisher for your new book on modern art.

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