trip to Juneau/end of March

This is view from 12F leaving Anchorage. Off in the distance is Denali
(Mt. McKinley)

These are some of the mountains and glaciers you see going southeast
to Juneau. You just pray for no "unexpected water landings."

This is a sense of the mountains surrounding the airport in Juneau.
The cleft in the middle is the Mendenhall Glacier that you see clearly
upon landing.
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Morning moose

typical moose eating branches in Anchorage.
I shot this out the car window, cause it's still
too slick to walk around without killing yourself.
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Spring Skiing at Kincaid Park 3/22/07

Conditions don't get much nicer than this! Alison and I met after work to ski Margeaux's Loop at Kincaid Park. It's around 30 degrees, sunny and a little fresh snow. Very pleasant spring skiing.
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Eagles for spring

I took this on St. Patty's Day, March 17th. Today (March 21st) is the first day of spring. It snowed.
But look at these glorious bald eagles perched on a tree. I was with Jane Atuk on our way into the Matanuska Valley when we stopped on the road to get a shot of these stately birds. With the growing daylight (we're up to 11.5 hours/day), the migratory waterfowl are beginning to honk across town, always a very happy sound, and the eagles are back knowing the salmon will be running soon. Yippee! Another winter almost over.
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Iditarod 2007 leaves Anchorage 3/3/07

The Iditarod Trail leaving Anchorage is right near my place,
so I watched some of the teams heading on the Last Great Race.
It's a little warm now for the dogs, but warmed up from -30 wind
chills to make it a decent spectator sport.

They're gone. May the best team win.

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