Thanksgiving 08 in Charlotte

Thanks mom for hosting us all at your new digs! Very impressive. Some shots of those of us who could make it! You're looking great doing your physical therapy.

Most of the cousins



What a great idea to leave Alaska for a Colorado vacation at the end of October! AFter flying to Denver, first stop was to see Tammy, Lily and Greg Heimbuck of Colorado Springs! Here's the 3 girls on a hike at Garden of the Gods

Here's a busy Lily at the Cliff House in Manitou

Next stop was in Denver, but no photos. THEN to Boulder which struck me as alot like Anchorage except it was warm and sunny! It as fun to see Ellie and Barry in their mountain home. Here's Ellie dealing with one of a million remodeling decisions.

We did have fun walking and catching up.