Thieves, arghhhhh

I was given the opportunity to drive my car around this last weekend with two windows intact. Someone liberated the other ones and removed some worldly possessions from my car. Driving around in 8 degree temps with windows smashed out was....er, memorable!

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Kitchen Remodel is a happenin thing

All the former cabinets are gone, sink is out for the time being, and new cabinets are getting installed this week. Woops, some shelves are wrong size, so new ones coming. Breakfast bar is framed in. It's looking good. Okay, so the toaster is in the bathroom and there's no sink or microwave, but it'll all be back soon.

There's now a BIG opening where there was a pass through, and this will let the sun come through and allow a view of the mountains from the kitchen! There's a stainless steel pot rack ready to get installed above the pass through once the counters are on, and the walls are finished and textured. You can see the new cabinets around the microwave; problem is microwave can't open now cause the hinge butts up against the cabinet, so that's gotta get moved one more time.
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Alaska Ski for Women - Feb 3, 2008

Happy Hikers decided to become the energizer bunnies for a good
fund-raising and all-round hillarious women's event. We decked out
with bunny ears, drums, pink tops. All the layers helped us stay warm
at below zero degrees. I heard there were 25 of us in all including kiddos.
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Bruce and Cindy were the other rabble-rousers that organized
us all and the logistics.

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Alaska Ski for Women - Feb 3, 2008

A good time was had by all and there were no equipment
malfunctions or frostbitten digits that I know of.

Some of the other teams were hilarious and very creatively
designed. This one even had classical music playing.

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This was my last day of work staffing the Governor's Council on
Disabilities & Special Education. While I've enjoyed being staff
photographer among other duties, it was treat for me to get photo'd
with Governor Sarah Palin. My new job in state government starts
in two days! No rest for the wicked.
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