Saint Paul Island Nov Trip for Work

This is the old part of Saint Paul where the
school, school district and
city hall are located. It's a quiet island
of around 450 people, mostly Aleut.
I was invited there to work for the week
and help folks out with Medicare,
Social Security and Medicaid.

This was my home away from home.
The itinerant quarters
are well appointed and real comfy.
The view, when it wasn't too
windy to see anything, included the cemetery.

The Saint Paul islanders are very friendly
and warm. Faith, on my right,
was a great hostess, organizer and buddy.

There were some chances to take a walk and
explore a little.
Children play alot of basketball,
ride their bikes around and
play ball outside when they can.

On my final day here i was able to make a
house visit to see
an elder and help her family
sort out her benefits. ATV's are
the way to go when the wind is brutal.

One of the health care providers.

This is the TDX wind farm. Or is it the city's?

This is the medication "vending machine."
A doc at
Southcentral Foundation
okay's the medication and a
pharmacist dispenses it.
It's pretty cool.