Dogsled Pass

A very cool surprise after getting back to the car from Dogsled Pass
was a sudden hailstorm that filled the valley we'd just come through.

What is Jack so happy about?

Only his harem knows for sure :)

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Birthday weekend

A very fun birthday weekend started by getting back from broiling Washington DC to summer weather in Anchorage. Here's David and Ruth - both will be heading back to Cal and Montana soon. David will be in his final year at Cal Poly and Ruth starting year 3 at Montana State U.

Jasmine from Milan and a dozen other foreign exchange students arrived for the school year. She'll be studying at Service High School and is set for a great year. Welcome Jasmine!

Saturday was a magnificent Alaska summer day. June and I headed up the hillside for some hiking and had lunch on Little O'Malley Peak which you can see behind us.
We walked the ballpark to where we could look down and see Black Lake.
and then to see the Williwaw Lakes and Mount Williwaw. Here are some of those views.