Gingerbread house by Riley 12/13/08

Riley made her first gingerbread house today! Mom and Keeley and Judith certainly got in the way, but she prevailed. What a masterpiece. Good job!

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popcorn ceiling prep 12/7/08

thanks to Tom and Lynda the downstairs is now ready for the popcorn ceiling to be scraped off in the next few days.

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Thanksgiving 08 in Charlotte

Thanks mom for hosting us all at your new digs! Very impressive. Some shots of those of us who could make it! You're looking great doing your physical therapy.

Most of the cousins



What a great idea to leave Alaska for a Colorado vacation at the end of October! AFter flying to Denver, first stop was to see Tammy, Lily and Greg Heimbuck of Colorado Springs! Here's the 3 girls on a hike at Garden of the Gods

Here's a busy Lily at the Cliff House in Manitou

Next stop was in Denver, but no photos. THEN to Boulder which struck me as alot like Anchorage except it was warm and sunny! It as fun to see Ellie and Barry in their mountain home. Here's Ellie dealing with one of a million remodeling decisions.

We did have fun walking and catching up.


October 5th Winter Wonderland

Noel and I hiked this afternoon on powerline trail. It's also snowing down in the flatlands of east anchorage. That first wet snow is perfect for snowballs and snowmen. Time to find the headlamp for Thursday's hike.  
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Raspberry Jam Day

Even tho it rained all summer and there was little sunshine, there were LOTS of raspberries to pick at June's and some currants, raspberries and rhubarb at my place to make jam out of. But before the work first we had to have lunch and a fruit tart for dessert. Ruth mashed the berries. Shelley cooked up the fruit, sugar and pectin. June enjoyed last year's rhubarb jam and then got to work, ha ha. Judith was chief cook and jam pourer. In the end we made 20 jars of raspberry-currant-crowberry jam, plain raspberry and raspberry-rhubarb jam.


Fun in the sun back to Homer

thank goodness the sun came out on the last two days of the trip.
time for some fun in the sun. 

we had great views of the Katmais, volcanoes including Mt. Augustine, Iliamna and Redoubt.

This is Iliamna.  

Amanda Lofgren and I quite glad to see Homer.

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Down time in Akutan

I enjoyed wandering around Akutan and exploring the tundra.
Chocolate lillies were everywhere.

it was clear for alot of the day

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Colleagues in crime

this is Eric, pushing oral health everywhere we went.

Frankie, financial chief for Eastern Aleutian Tribes and daughter Samantha. They had a lot of fun with vegetables and healthy nutritional counseling.

This is Katherine who wants everyone to have a healthy heart.

Anna, the organizer of the floating health fair and one of the other health fairies Melanie and Akutan helper Ruth.
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Last Stop was Akutan

At this point I didn't know what
day it was or where we were!

We had gotten off in Akutan while
the trusy Tusty went to Dutch Harbor.

The people in Akutan were very friendly.

This is the very cool pharmaceutical dispensing machine. Lorraine is
the health aide running the clinic with support from clinical folks at
southcentral foundation.

We and our gear got around by ATV and on foot. All the communities had

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False Pass

The first vehicle off the ferry at each docking was our U-Haul
jam-packed with all our health education materials. This is the
backside of Amanda who was
my cabin-mate on the
trusty Tustamena (aka the trusty tusty)

We had a good time in our cabin.
good roommie!
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Cold Bay which lived up to its name

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