Here's the Palm Diner breakfast club minus Joe who got cut off the right hand side of the photo. Sorry Joe!
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Here's Natalie, David and Beth.
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a day in Fort Lauderdale

We all went to Ft Lauderdale today to see Lain's friend Jamie's
gorgeous condo and to ride the water taxis. Very fun day. It
included views of big homes of the rich and famous, like
Jay Leno.

The cousins had another bonding opportunity!
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Sour milk chocolate cake with glossy frosting. Richie's
favorite. But mom made it for US girls!

Uncle Victor and mom - both doin great.

Cele Packer holding her own and learning to blog.
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Party on Thursday at Pearl's

Pearl staged a family party for Thurs 12/28. Lain & Carl
had gotten alot of goodies. Here's Lainy and I with the
plates of babba-ganoosh and hummus with pita and olives.
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Christmas time 2006 in Florida

I flew on Christmas Eve and arrived into Miami where sister Lainy
(on the left) and her family picked me up. Meet Natalie, twelve.

Here's my mum with her new Toyota Highlander!

Lainy, my mom, Beth (sister's middle daughter, almost 16)
and I went to a flea market to look for purses, earrings, etc. We didn't
find what we were looking for, but we did get some things anyway.

Here's me with my sister. We ALWAYS have fun together,
being goofy and silly. And even when we're serious we have lots of laughs.
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