Kitchen Remodel is a happenin thing

All the former cabinets are gone, sink is out for the time being, and new cabinets are getting installed this week. Woops, some shelves are wrong size, so new ones coming. Breakfast bar is framed in. It's looking good. Okay, so the toaster is in the bathroom and there's no sink or microwave, but it'll all be back soon.

There's now a BIG opening where there was a pass through, and this will let the sun come through and allow a view of the mountains from the kitchen! There's a stainless steel pot rack ready to get installed above the pass through once the counters are on, and the walls are finished and textured. You can see the new cabinets around the microwave; problem is microwave can't open now cause the hinge butts up against the cabinet, so that's gotta get moved one more time.
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