the road trip to Johnson City TENN

David flew in to DC and the next day we drove our rental car out of
Union Station for a road trip to Johnson City, TENN, where I lived
in the early 80's. Below is my former "cottage," which someone
bought and greatly improved. New roof, new siding, carport, the
works. The town and countryside is every bit as lush and beautiful
as I remembered.

We shared the driving in a red Chevy Cobalt. Dave, the burgervore.

This is by Wautaga Lake in some of the first sunny
minutes of the trip thus far. Yippeee!! sunshine to
drive to Charlotte in. Too bad for the slow traffic and
holdups in Boone.

I had missed the beauty of Appalachia. Seeing corn grow,
horses, cattle, kudzu - it was fun to see again.

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