Chocolate Cake with Powered Sugar

Well, it's been a glorious fall -- about a month of golds, reds, yellows and pinks. The blueberries were small and plentiful this year, but they've turned to mush now as it's been frosty for two weeks, at least. The high bush cranberries are best to pick AFTER the frost, though, so I should get out to the bog nearby and pick away. The fall equinox is behind us, so we have fewer minutes every day of daylight. On Sept 21st we had just 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of dark. We're losing daylight noticeably now, Sun is rising around 8:15 a.m. and setting around 7 p.m. giving us 11 hours of daylight, a loss of around 6 minutes a day, and it just crashes downward till the winter solstice. Hopefully freeze-up will give us good conditions for ice skating and good snow for cross country skiing.
The snow is on the mountain tops again. The Chugach Mountains remind me of a chocolate bundt cake with powdered sugar on top. This is the view from my condo. Okay, I do need those bottom up blinds to blot out the nearby building.
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