Trout and grayling

See if you can get this video clip to play to see the panorama around the cabin in Cantwell. Sorry, at the moment I cannot insert that video clip, ugh. Thank you Kirk for your hospitality.

Kirk, an aquaintance has a well-stocked lake on his property. He was very generous to invite us to use his cabin and fish, and Rich says he was in heaven. How not? when the sun is shining and the fish are jumpin' in Alaska?

And he had the lake to
himself most of the time.

Rich fished intently.

This is the cabin Kirk built. Very sturdy, as it has to be right there
in Windy Pass where it stays -30 and blows 50 mph for weeks at
a time. We were real comfortable here. I definitely don't have a problem camping
in a cabin that has running water.

Here's the kitchen -- more than adequate.

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