Dipnetting in the Kenai

perfectly educated and accomplished people (and some not) lug enormous nets with long handles to the mouth of the famous-for-salmon mouth of the Kenai River. We don long underwear, wool hats and anything else available to stay warm underneath neoprene or other chest waders. We stand cheek by jowl up to our armpits in the frigid water, braving the tide and whatever else can threaten us. We wait until the tide brings in a wave of red salmon and one hits the net. Then one quickly spins the net over to entrap the fish and carefully backs up to shore, trying not to fall over and drown OR worse, lose the fish! This is what Alaskans (including me) call fun dipnetting in the Kenai. Keith and Sally Brownsbergers have mastered this art and science and graciously take me along. They haul in one fish an hour, while I haul in one per day!

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