Fur Rondy Weekend Feb 2010

What can I say? Fur Rendezvous served the purpose of getting trappers together in mid-winter to compete in winter sports. We still have this crazy winter carnival and do fun things as a cabin fever reliever. It lasts a couple of weeks and gives us all a chance to shake the crazies out. This banner goes across the main street of Anchorage.

We walked around downtown to see the Fur Rondy Parade and to a park to watch snowshoe softball. There were some catch costumes.

The sled dog races began at noon on Friday and Saturday and the dogs were ready to pull.
F Bar J and some other groups' horses were in the parade. Such beautiful animals and good sportsmen and women.
As usual, it's fun to watch the sled dog races downtown Anchorage.

This is a group of people that work together and play snowshoe softball together too.
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