Next we went on our first overnight train ride to X'ian to see the terracotta warriors and to explore the Xian old city wall. This photo shows Gavin on top left, Jason on rt. The train bunks were more comfortable than the hotel beds in Beijing!

The Terra cotta warriors is an amazing archeological site that reveals thousands of soldiers made to protect the Emperor's Tomb. He basically enslaved thousands to build these. No two faces or stances are alike.

We stopped at a group facility for teens with developmental disabilities called Xian Huiling where we were served a spicy soup and steamed rice. Several of the clients sang and danced for us and then we had the option to support their arts and crafts endeavors.

and then later in Xian we all rented bikes and rode all the way around the old city on the wall. The sun was shining, temps in high 60's or low 70's, very pleasant and fun.

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